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“Have You Forgotten Providence?”

were the words penned by a young man named George later to become commander of the Revolution Army, statesman, and the first President of the United States.  Many know George Washington as the Father of our Country; though few are familiar with his youth or know anything more than the folklore surrounding a hatchet, a cherry tree and a lie. Possibly one of the most important events in the life of our national hero inspired him to pen the following words to his brother John Augustine Washington:

“Dear Jack,  As I have heard since my arrival at this place, circumstantial acct. of my death and dying speech, I take this early opportunity to contradict both, and of assuring you that I now exist and appear in the land of the living by the miraculous care of Providence, that protected me beyond all human expectation; I had 4 Bullets through my Coat and two horses shot under me, and yet escaped unhurt. We have been most scandalously beaten by a trifling body of men; but fatigue and want of time prevents me from giving any of the details till I have the happiness of seeing you at home; which I now most ardently wish for, since we are drove in thus far. A Week and Feeble state of Health obliges me to halt here for 2 or 3 days, to recover a little strength, that I may thereby be enabled to proceed homeward with more ease; You may expect to see me there Saturday or Sunday. . . I am Dear Jack, your most Affect, Brother.”

(Sacred Fire by Peter A. Lillback Page 161-162)

On the day of the event, July 9th 1755, the British would suffer their worst defeat of the French and Indian War. George Washington, a 23 year-old colonel at the time of the outcome of the Battle of Monongahela (take the link to read more about the battle) could have ended the fate of America decades before it was even an idea, yet “Providence” had plans for George.

Please proceed to Have You Forgotten Providence see the painting in detail.


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